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East Anglia Transport Museum - Trolleybus Depot

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Ex-LT Trolleybuses parked in the lay-by outside the Trolleybus Depot
Ex-LT 'L3' Trolleybus 1521
in front of Ex-LT 'C2' Trolleybus 260.
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2 Ex-LT & a Maidstone Corporation Trolleybuses are passed by Blackpool Corporation Tram 159 outside the Trolleybus Depot
Ex-LT 'L3' Trolleybus 1521, Ex-Maidstone Corp 52 & Ex-LT 'C2' Trolleybus 260 are passed by Blackpool Corp 'Standard' Tram 159.
© AH/Buccabury
Ex-Manchester Corporation Trolleybus 1344 passes the Trolleybus Depot
Ex-Manchester Corp Trolleybus 1344, ONE 744 of 1956 passes the Trolleybus depot with Ex-LT 'C2' Trolleybus 260 inside & Maidstone Corp 52 in the lay-by opposite.
© AH/Buccabury

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