Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway.

Botolphs Bridge Road

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Northern Chief and Black Prince head for Dymchurch
Northern Chief leads Black Prince across
Botolphs Bridge Road on their way to Dymchurch. 7th October 2001.
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This is the site of the fatal accident in August 2003, when a local car driver ignored the warning lights and crossed in front of a train.
Remember these locomotives weigh from 5tons (The Bug) to 9.5tons (Black Prince), and then there is the train behind it...
Trains can not stop like a car, It's down to a thing called 'Inertia' & trains have a lot more inertia than cars.
A site in memory of the train driver can be found here.

For people wanting to find more about the accident I can recommend this BBC Kent page.
The recent accident at 'The Pilot' Level Crossing on Sunday, 10th July 2005 go to this BBC Kent page.

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