Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway.

Hythe Station

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Real Thing

Green Goddess on the Hythe turntable
Green Goddess about to be turned
ready for her next run.
7th October 2001.
© AH/Buccabury
Hurricane waits its turn on the Hythe turntable
Hurricane is checked over whilst waiting
its turn on the Hythe turntable.
7th October 2001.
© AH/Buccabury


These are pictures of Graham Lindley's wonderful model "Hythe".
Based on the station layout of about 1974.

Double heading on the model
Even the model Hythe runs double header
trains. Northern Chief heads Southern Maid.
© AH/Buccabury
A Model of the Rolls Royce Locomotives
A model of the Rolls-Royce Locomotive,
Built out of Captain Howey's own Rolls-Royce.
© AH/Buccabury
Hercules runs off of the Hythe turntable
Hurricane runs off of the turntable & emerges
from behind the Hythe signal box
© AH/Buccabury
diesel No14 (now called John Southland)
No14 (in it's original livery) departs the
turntable ready for it's next train.
© AH/Buccabury
A model of the proposed 15" gauge Garratt
A model of a might have been.
A 15" gauge Garratt 2-6-2+2-6-2,
for the proposed Sandgate branch.
© AH/Buccabury
diesel No14 is now coloured blue, with sliver & red strips
No14 (in it's original livery) is seen
backing a van onto it's next train.
© AH/Buccabury
Another shot of Hurricane
Hurricane, returned from its trip down the line, is seen under the overall roof running onto the head shunt to run around it's train.
© AH/Buccabury
At last a model of 'The Bug'
A new model was seen at Expo-NG 2005,
an almost finished model of The Bug,
still in grey undercoat.
© AH/Buccabury

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